West Coast Estimating provides comprehensive residential building estimations for new homes across Perth and Western Australia. We take into account the direct and indirect costs associated with building a home, ensuring your estimation is precisely calculated. To discuss your requirements, contact Jason at West Coast Estimating.


Our residential building estimations are accurately researched and prepared. A precise estimate provides an excellent guide for your build, ensuring your extension stays on budget. We pride ourselves on delivering timely, reliable advice based on years of experience in the building industry.


If you have obtained a quote from a builder, West Coast Estimating can professionally analyse it for you. Discrepancies between building quotes are common in the industry. Some quotes prepared by builders are barely cost price. We make sure you are not caught out by builders who are unclear about what their quote includes.


Operated by Jason Dodds, West Coast Estimating assists Owner Builders, Builders, Architects, Developers and Designers across Western Australia. Our estimations are meticulously prepared so your build contains no hidden surprises. By considering the direct and indirect costs of building, we ensure your estimate is comprehensive and reliable.

Unrealistic ideas about costs and inaccurate budgets can lead to risky investments. A well prepared estimate can save thousands of dollars in the long term. With over a decade of experience in the building industry, including roles with Perth’s leading builders, we are well equipped to handle your estimate. Find out more about the advantages of using an estimating service and contact West Coast Estimating for professional estimating advice.


  • Kelly
    Thanks for your estimate Jason. You were easy to deal with and your estimate has been accurate so far and continues to be helpful when receiving quotes.
  • Tanya & Glen Morrissey – Landsdale
    I had an estimate done to compare the cost of owner building myself against having a builder do it for me. I am still undecided however I now know what the differences are where as before this I was only speculating. I would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of doubt in their mind about what the costs will be – It gives great peace of mind.
    The estimate has acted as a guide for us and we have referred to it religiously. We could compare quotes we received against the quotes and costings in the estimate to let us know if we were getting value for money or taken for a ride. We would recommend having an estimate done to anyone contemplating owner building.

Local Knowledge

We liaise with trades and suppliers who operate in the area, ensuring pricing and labour rates are up to date for the area you are building in.

West Coast Estimating is based in Perth, Western Australia. We liaise with trades and suppliers who operate in the area, ensuring pricing and labour rates are up to date for the area you are building in.

When selecting an estimator be careful to choose someone who has the advantage of local knowledge. Accuracy is paramount to a professional estimation and an estimator who is not based in your area may not have access to Perth based pricing.